No matter what language you speak, great sound is the key to better communication. Breaking down language barriers with equipment from Listen Technologies is easy. Products from Listen Technologies allow an interpreter to speak, so that listeners enjoy incredible sound quality, as well as the subtleties and tone of the language being spoken, not just the words.

These products are approved by the FCC for use in the US. Please note that they cannot be used in all countries. Check with your local government or specific regulation with regard to broadcast frequency in your specific country. Note: FCC rules limit the use of this product to assistive listening.

Reference: Seattle Public Schools

Download this reference to understand how ListenRF products improved communications for a multi-lingual school district.

I am an independent Spanish language court interpreter and use Listen Technologies products. They are one of the best investments I have made! I have been impressed with all the features. It's so easy to select an interference free channel, it's light and easy to carry, delivers clear and comfortable listening.

Isabel Framer
Independent Interpreter
Listen Technologies